Euro RSCG Biss Lancaster PRCA Yearbook 2004

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Euro RSCG Biss Lancaster

CONTACT: Graham Lancaster

ADDRESS (old -- new in website) 6 Briset Street London EC1M 5NR

TELEPHONE: 020 7022 4000 FAX 02070224100



QUALITY ASSESSMENT ACHIEVED Consultancy Management Standard Investors in People

Business Commenced

1978 Employees: 70

Range of Services

The key challenge facing business in 2004/5 is how to get income growth again and we work with clients to use communications to achieve this. Euro RSCG Biss Lancaster and its parent group have invested heavily in a proprietary form of momentum polling research which allows us to identify where markets, companies and brands are going. Not simply tracking where they have been but - by really understanding the 20-30% of people who help shape future trends - identifying the market opportunities (and pitfalls) that lie ahead.

Using this unique intelligence, we work to develop public relations strategies which can add hard commercial value, forcing customers, investors, analysts, distribution channels, employees and others to look afresh at a client’s business. Through this we can help these key groups deepen their understanding, challenge myths and strengthen and broaden relationships with our clients.

Consistent public relations investment can be hugely powerful in achieving competitive advantage — delivering so much more for so much less than other communications disciplines. We are a multi-specialist consultancy employing top professionals with specialist sectoral experience and contacts, alongside media relations, event management and creative experts to deliver measurable results against ambitious targets. Never satisfied with just the routine, we use our understanding of trends, and the media to develop transformational business ideas - not only public relations campaigns, which really help deliver that 2004/5 priority — profitable, sustainable income growth. At Euro RSCG Biss Lancaster we define public relations as planning and managing ‘profitable relationships’ with the groups which can help or hinder your success. To achieve this we create opportunities to persuade’ - OTPs. We then measure and evaluate.

Fee Income

Unable to disclose - Sarbanes Oxley Act

Current Clients

* =client retained for more than three years
** = client retained for more than five years

Ad Hoc Clients


Partners / Directors

Holders of Public Office


Parent or Principal Company


Subsidiary Companies


Associate Companies

Overseas Owned Offices: Within

Argentina, Belgium, Chile, Colombia, Czech Republic, Finland, France, Germany, India, Israel, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Spain, Switzerland, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, USA

International Affiliates: Within

Australia, Brazil, Denmark, Hong Kong, Hungary, Japan, Norway, Philippines, Singapore, Slovakia, South Africa

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