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David A. Charters is a Canadian academic and terrorism expert who directs the Gregg Centre. He is the founder of the University of New Brunswick's Centre for Conflict Studies (Director 1986-2005) and one of three founding editors of Conflict Quarterly (later the Journal of Conflict Studies), along with former British military propagandist Maurice Tugwell.


Biographical note on the Gregg Centre:

David Charters is one of Canada's foremost authorities on modern low-intensity conflict, with particular expertise in terrorism, countering terrorism, insurgency, counter-insurgency, and intelligence. Thus, his field of expertise lies at the heart of the mandate of UNB's Gregg Centre. Dr. Charters was a co-founder of UNB's Centre for Conflict Studies and served as its Director from 1986 to 2005. He has taught, researched, and published in this field for almost 30 years. In addition to his academic teaching on modern warfare, and on the Middle East, he has lectured regularly to military audiences, such as the Canadian Forces College and the Combat Training Gregg Centre. His major publications include: The British Army and Jewish Insurgency in Palestine, 1945-47 (Macmillan 1989) (author); The Deadly Sin of Terrorism (Greenwood, 1994) (editor); After 9/11: Terrorism and Crime in a Globalised World (Gregg Centre for Foreign Policy Studies, 2005) (co-editor and contributing author).[1]



  • Charters, David (1977) 'Intelligence and Psychological Warfare Operations in Northern Ireland', RUSI Journal. 122, 3, September : 22-27.
  • Charters, David (1980) The Changing Forms of Conflict in Northern Ireland, Conflict Quarterly. 1, 2 : 32-39.
  • After 9/11: Terrorism and Crime in a Globalised World


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