Advisory Council on National Security

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On setting up the Council in 2005 the Canadian Government stated:

The Council will work with the National Security Advisor to the Prime Minister to provide advice to the Deputy Prime Minister and the Cabinet Committee on Security, Public Health and Emergencies on national security issues.

“The Government of Canada will benefit from the advice of external experts in evaluating and improving our security system,” said Minister McLellan. “We are pleased that so many individuals with relevant knowledge and experience have offered their services to Canada and Canadians.”

The commitment to appoint an Advisory Council on National Security was made last year when the Government released Canada’s National Security Policy. Securing an Open Society: Canada’s National Security Policy also included a commitment to establish a Cross-Cultural Roundtable on Security, whose membership was announced in February 2005.

Individuals appointed to the Advisory Council were selected for their expertise and experience on such diverse matters as intelligence, law and policy, human rights and civil liberties, emergency planning and management, public health emergencies, public safety, transportation security, border security and international security.[1]



The Honourable Leo Kolber will serve as Chair of the Advisory Council. Other members are

2007 appointments

Prime Minister Stephen Harper today announced the appointment of seven new members to the 15-member Advisory Council on National Security (ACNS). The new members are: Louis Bélanger, Beverley Busson, François Couillard, Anne Joynt, Neil McCrank, Marie C. Rounding and Anju Virmani. The new Chair of the Council will be Norman Inkster, who has served on the ACNS since it was established in 2005.
Seven others members, who were appointed in 2005, have agreed to remain on the ACNS. They are: Perrin Beatty, David Bercuson, James Bertram, David Charters, John Dalzell, Bud Streeter and Wesley Wark.[2]