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Daily Mail and General Trust plc is the publisher of the Daily Mail. It is one of the Europe's largest media companies and has interests in national and regional newspapers, television and radio. The company has extensive activities based outside the UK and the following divisions: Associated Newspapers Ltd, Northcliffe Media, Northcliffe International, DMG Radio Australia, DMG World Media, DMG Information. Its biggest markets apart from the UK are in the United States, eastern Europe, and Australia.

Daily Mail and General Trust

DMGT's aim is to own "high quality sustainable media properties, reflected in premium commercial positions, thereby generating a premium return for shareholders". Their strategy over the past ten years had been to "extend the Group’s media activities so as to reduce its dependence on UK newspapers, which are heavily dependent on advertising, and, due to their strong market positions, much regulated." [1]

Board of Directors

The Viscount Rothermere, Chairman | Martin Morgan, Chief Executive | Peter Williams, Finance Director | John Hemingway, Non-Executive Director | Marius Gray, Non-Executive Director | Ian Park, Non-Executive Director | David Dutton, Executive Director | Paul Dacre, Executive Director | Padraic Fallon, Executive Director | Charles Dunstone, Independent Non-Executive Director | Francisco Balsemão, Independent Non-Executive Director | Tom Gillespie, Non-Executive Director | David Verey, CBE, Independent Non-Executive Director |Kevin Beatty, Executive Director | Nicholas Berry, Independent Non-Executive Director | Nicholas Jennings, Secretary. [2]


Lobbying and PR

Finsbury [3]


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