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Clarion Fund, Inc. is a non-profit organisation created in November 2006 by Rabbi Raphael Shore of Aish HaTorah. It has produced and distributed several pro-Israel propaganda films, including the Islamophobic Obsession.




In 2008, CF received a grant of $17,778,600 from far right slush fund Donors Capital Fund, which also funded Security Research Associates, a group run by Tom Trento who assisted in the distribution of Obsession.[1][2]


Mailing Addresss

  • Clarion Fund, Inc.
  • 255 W. 36th Street #800
  • New York, NY 10018

Telephone Telephone

  • General: 888.610.2221 & 646.308.1230
  • Press & media: 646.308.1202



  • General:
  • Press & media:


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  2. Form 990 filing for Donors Capital Fund, Internal Revenue Service, Department of Treasury, 2008