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Charles Shoebridge is a former police officer who runs Shoebridge Consulting.

Shoebridge claims to have direct experience and to be a fearless commentator willing to contradict official wisdom:

Charles Shoebridge is a writer, broadcaster, and leading independent authority on issues of security, intelligence, terrorism and crime. A graduate of history and politics, and of the Royal Military Academy at Sandhurst, he served for almost two decades until 2000 in diverse front-line policing and military roles, specialising in counter-terrorism and intelligence operations. This included twelve years of exemplary and highly successful service in London’s Metropolitan Police, performing uniformed and detective duties at Scotland Yard and elsewhere. He also previously worked in counter terrorism as a commissioned officer in the British Army. Almost alone amongst those who publicly comment upon such issues, Charles Shoebridge has extensive first hand experience of terrorism, and of anti-terrorist and intelligence related operations. His balanced and credible independence often challenge both conventional wisdom and official representation of events and policy. In well over a thousand print and broadcasting contributions since March 2001, covering diverse security and intelligence related issues for more than one hundred national and international media organisations, he has established a proven and successful record of consistently accurate prediction and analysis unrivalled in his field. Leading rather than following debate, his analytical approach offers fresh perspectives and original insights into any consideration of security, intelligence, terrorism and crime.[1]


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