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According to its own account:

Shoebridge Consulting was founded by Charles Shoebridge to provide independent and credible expertise in the fields of security, intelligence, terrorism and crime. Consultancy and analysis concerning these issues have traditionally been supplied by academics, long retired senior police officers or, increasingly, people with no intelligence or security background at all. Such sources can, however, be of limited objectivity, or, crucially, have little or no practical experience of the matters in which they claim to have expertise. Shoebridge Consulting is different. Its expertise is derived not only from academic and journalistic study and research, but also from the extensive front line experience and knowledge of serving and recently retired police and intelligence officers. Shoebridge Consulting delivers credible and practical input, fresh perspectives and original insights into consideration of any aspect of security, intelligence, terrorism or crime. credible - expertise based upon a wealth of research, study, and intensive hands-on experience impartial - a reputation dependent upon balanced objectivity independent - of any political party, institution, the media or interest group, including the Police Service.[1]


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