Centre for Confidence and Well Being

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The Centre for Confidence and Well Being was set up in December 2004 by Carol Craig. It aims to support individual and cultural change through the use of positive psychology. It is based on the ideas of American psychologist Martin Seligman and writer Malcolm Gladwell. It is based in Glasgow


Carol Craig - Chief Executive

William Roe - Chair

Ewan Hunter

Morinne MacDonald.


The centre is partly funded by public money from Scottish Enterprise and Glasgow City Council. The rest comes from BT, Logica CMG and Alfred McAlpine[1]


The centre for confidence and well being is based around the idea that people in Scotland suffer from a lack of confidence and that improvements to quality of life be it for health, education or employment can only be brought about through their confidence and sense of self belief.

The centre has many influential connections. It was officially opened in 2004 by then first minister Jack McConnell. Notable Scottish media figures have spoken favourably about the centre. It is also jointly running the vanguard programme in conjunction with the Scottish parliament’s Futures Forum. This programme teaches community organisations about the power of optimism and positive psychology


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