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C2i International is a 'special risk management' and 'investigation company'.[1] According to Companies House, in April 2009 it changed its name to Lynceus (Consulting) Limited.[2], which also shares chief executive Justin King of Lynceus as its founder. Interestingly C2i retains a website, which has been registered since 2006 to Justin King at Lynceus' London address. [3]


According to The Guardian in 2008:

Security firms that offer spying services are very reserved when it comes to describing their products and C2i International is no exception. The company describes itself as a "special risk management" business, a common euphemism in its trade. C2i was founded by Justin King who, according to the company's website, was a helicopter pilot in the special forces, and is trained to "British police special operations standards" in surveillance and counter-espionage. From its offices a few hundred metres from Oxford Street in London's West End, the firm offers services in "business protection". However, the Plane Stupid incident is unlikely to join the list of case studies on its website. Examples of C2i's work include providing round-the-clock protection to a foreign company working in Russia and upgrading personal security for the president of a Mexican bank. The company claims it works closely with clients to understand their "unique threatscape" and that the security firm has experience of protecting aviation businesses from external threats. C2i also lists the aerospace industry as one of the industries that has benefited from its expertise in the past.[1]

Infiltration attempts rebutted

Plane Stupid and Toby Kendall

Toby Kendall, working for C2i International, posed as "Ken Tobias" in an attempt to infiltrate Plane Stupid. Activists became suspicious of him as he appeared so eager to take part in direct action. His true identity was discovered on the social networking website Bebo. Headlines reported ‘More Austin Powers than 007’.[4]

C2i's founder, Justin King, claims to be an expert in surveillance and counter-espionage who has flown helicopters for the special forces. C2i has said Kendall was operating on his own.[5]

Energy companies exposed hiring private security firm Vericola

The energy giant E.ON, Britain's second-biggest coal producer Scottish Resources Group and Scottish Power, one of the UK's largest electricity-generators, have been paying for the services of a private security firm that has been secretly monitoring activists, revealed Indymedia. A statement on Indymedia claims Rebecca Todd is a former employee of C2i International, a private security and intelligence gathering firm best known for their employment of Toby Kendall / Ken Tobias who attempted to infiltrate Plane Stupid. She has since struck out on her own to set up her own company, Vericola Ltd.[6] It was at C2i that Todd appears to have learned her trade before setting up Vericola in 2008, claims The Guardian. Todd's lawyers declined to comment on whether she had worked for C2i, but she is listed by a professional association as being employed the company. They denied Vericola conducts corporate spying or "infiltration", saying instead that Todd gathers information from publicly available sources such as mailing lists or open websites. "Our client has not obtained any confidential information nor has she been guilty of any dishonesty," they said.[7] However, both Indymedia and The Guardian claim to have evidence with demonstrates that Vericola agents were attending activist meetings in person.[6]

Transferable skills and alliances: police and private security industry

Questions have been raised regarding the ethics of "former police officers cashing in on their surveillance skills for a host of companies that target protesters".[8] See the Powerbase overview of the revolving door between the private security industry and the police.

Stephen Beels, a former Scotland Yard detective who is Head of Operations at private security company Lynceus [9] also worked for C2i International.[10] Justin King's previous work in the special forces is another example of this pattern.

Contact, References and Resources


21 Berners Street
London W1T 3LP
Tel: +44 (0)20 7323 6630
Fax: +44 (0)20 7323 6635
Former website: www.c2i-international.com
Current website: http://c2i-response.com [3]



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