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Justin King is the founder and chief executive of private security company Lynceus and founder and former director of C2i International. He is an ex-British Army officer with training in counter-espionage and surveillance.[1]


According to The Guardian in 2008:

C2i was founded by Justin King who, according to the company's website, was a helicopter pilot in the special forces, and is trained to "British police special operations standards" in surveillance and counter-espionage. From its offices a few hundred metres from Oxford Street in London's West End, the firm offers services in "business protection". However, the Plane Stupid incident is unlikely to join the list of case studies on its website. Examples of C2i's work include providing round-the-clock protection to a foreign company working in Russia and upgrading personal security for the president of a Mexican bank. The company claims it works closely with clients to understand their "unique threatscape" and that the security firm has experience of protecting aviation businesses from external threats. C2i also lists the aerospace industry as one of the industries that has benefited from its expertise in the past. [1]





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