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Stephen Beels is a former Scotland Yard detective who has been Head of Operations at private security company Lynceus since January 2008. [1] He is also described as Head of Corporate Risk on the company's website. [2]


Beels was a Specialist Operations detective with the Met for over 25 years, and an officer for seven years. His LinkedIn page states:

Steve has completed a thirty year career as a highly vetted police officer, predominantly as a Scotland Yard detective engaged in intelligence gathering in support of counter terrorism and counter espionage investigations and operations.
With Lynceus Steve utilises a trustworthy network of high quality contacts and associates to solve those most difficult and sensitive problems.[3]


The spring 2008 newsletter of security professionals association ASIS International UK Chapter welcomed Beels as a new member when he was working for C2i International alongside former colleague Rebecca Todd who also worked for C2i before setting up Vericola.[4]

Transferable skills and alliances: police and private security industry

Questions have been raised regarding the ethics of "former police officers cashing in on their surveillance skills for a host of companies that target protesters".[5] See the Powerbase overview of the revolving door between the private security industry and the police.

Contact, Resources and References

Head Office and Corporate Risk division

Hammer House
117 Wardour Street
London W1F 0UN
Tel: +44 (0)20 7434 2682
Fax: +44 (0)20 7434 2689,


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