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Board of governors

George Weidenfeld, Vice Chairman circa 1990[1], elected chairman 1996 at 26th annual meeting.[2] Hyman Kreitman, chairman until 1996[2]

European council

According to the Jerusalem Post, 'more than 30 leading Europeans - businessmen, bankers, politicians, and academics - met in London' on 30 April 2002 'for a festive dinner to mark the inauguration' of the European Council of Ben-Gurion University.[3] Helen Davis, convener of the council,

said she has set herself the challenge of seeking out "an exclusive group of the most eminent and influential Europeans I could find, people of extraordinary ability and extraordinary commitment."... The aim of the council, she said, is "to raise the profile of the university throughout Europe, generate interest in its work, promote exchanges, and help fund the university's teaching and research, its special projects and building program."[3]


British members of the council, Prof. Sir Raymond Klug, the Cambridge-based Nobel chemistry laureate | Prof. Raymond Dwek, director of Oxford Glycobiology Institute and head of Oxford University's biochemistry department | Sir Ronald Cohen, chairman of Apax Partners Ltd, who hosted the inaugural dinner | publisher Lord Weidenfeld of Chelsea, chairman of the university's board of governors | media proprietor Lord Black of Crossharbour | his wife columnist Barbara Amiel | former chairman of the Britain's defense staff Gen. Lord Guthrie | Northern Ireland First Minister David Trimble | former managing director of Marks and Spencer Lord Stone | two former secretaries of state for Trade and Industry, Lord Young and Peter Mandelson | sportswear magnate Stephen Rubin | chairman of a fashion chain and Isrotel hotels David Lewis | Prof. David Khalili, who owns the world's largest private collection of Islamic art | scientist and businessman Dr. Ralph Kohn | lawyer Harold Paisner | Internet entrepreneur John Porter.[3] Among the council members from mainland Europe: Gerard Worms, a partner in the French Rothschild bank | Edgar de Picciotto, chairman of Union Bancaire Privee in Geneva; Baron Alain Philippson, director of Bank Degroof in Brussels | Roger Abravanel, Milan-based director of the international business management firm McKinsey | Luis Bassat, president of the Barcelona-based advertising giant Bassat Ogilvy | Juan Villalonga, founding chairman of the Spanish-based global communications company Telefonica | leading Italian industrialist Dr. Gianfranco Zoppas | chairman of a Munich-based publishing empire Dr. Hubert Burda | Essen-based Dr. Heinz-Horst Deichmann, who heads the largest shoe retailing chain in Europe | Prof. Ute Deichmann, a specialist in medical history at Cologne University | German historian and author Joachim Fest | director of the Dusseldorf-based European Media Institute Dr. Jo Groebel | French Counsellor of State Raphael Hadas-Lebel | Prof. Mireille Hadas-Lebel, a specialist in ancient history at the Sorbonne University | Klaus Krone, a leading Berlin-based venture capitalist | Frankfurt architect Dr. Salomon Korn | Dutch industrialist Joel Wyler, and former leader of the Italian Jewish community Dr. Tullia Zevi.[3]

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