Witness S436 (Rosemary Nelson Inquiry)

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S436 was the designation of an MI5 witness at the Rosemary Nelson Inquiry.[1]

S436 joined the Security Service in 1978.[1]

He told the Rosemary Nelson Inquiry:

The first substantive job I had in the Security Service was working in London on manifestations of Irish Republic terrorism overseas, during the period of -- there were a number of attacks on British service personnel in Europe and I was an intelligence investigator working in London on that. And then I spent a period in -- working here in Northern Ireland as a member of the Assessment Group in DCI staff up until, I think, about 1983.[1]

Between 10 August 1998 and 31 October 2000, S436 occupied the post of Director and Co-ordinator of Intelligence (Northern Ireland).[1]

S436 retired from the Security Service in July 2006.[1]


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