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William Duncan Crossey is the co-president of the Disraelian Union.[1]

According to the Ballymena Times, Crossey is from Glarryford, County Antrim.[2]

Crossey served as chairman of Cambridge University Conservative Association while at Downing College in 1999.[3]

Crossey took part in the Jung-Königswinter Conference of the Deutsch-Britische Gesellschaft in 2004.[4]

In August 2005, Crossey wrote to the Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards complaining that George Galloway had not declared the legal fund supporting his libel actions against the Daily Telegraph and the Christian Science Monitor in the Register of Members' Interests.[5] According to ConservativeHome, the issue had been raised with Crossey by a local resident in the Shadwell ward of Tower Hamlets.[6] The complaint was upheld by the Commissioner and by the Commons Committee on Standards and Privileges.[7]

Crossey was the Conservative candidate in the Shadwell Ward of the London Borough of Tower Hamlets in May 2006. All the available seats were won by Respect.[8]

Crossey appeared on the Worldview series on 18 Doughty Street TV in January 2007 discussing Britain and Europe's defence budget.[9]

In August 2007, Crossey came third in a council by-election in the Shadwell ward which was again won by Respect.[10]

In September 2007, Crossey took part in the launch of a petition against Islamist books in Tower Hamlets libraries along with Douglas Murray, Tim Archer, and Phil Briscoe, following a report on the subject by Murray's Centre for Social Cohesion.[11]

Crossey is a former political director of the Henry Jackson Society.[12]

In May 2009, the Ballymena Times reported that Crossey had been elected to the area executive of Conservatives Northern Ireland as Deputy Chairman (Membership).[2]

In February 2010 Cross was selected to stand as the Conservative candidate in East Londonderry in the general election later that year.[13] However, the seat was ultimately contested by Lesley Macaulay of the Ulster Unionists instead, as part of the UCUNF alliance between the two parties.[14]





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