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Maj.-Gen. (res.) Uzi Dayan is a former Israeli military officer.


Dayan is a nephew of the famous Israeli soldier and politican Moshe Dayan.[1]

IDF Career

Dayan is a former commander of the Sayeret Matkal special forces unit.[2]

According to former defence official Uri Dan, as a Colonel in Lebanon in 1982, Dayan was responsible for passing on false targeting information from Lebanese phalangists who were use directing Israeli bombing towards personal enemies in West Beirut, instead of the intended target, the PLO.[1]

"I explained the deception by the Phalangists to Uzi Dayan and said that we needed to be more cautious," Zvika told me, "but he didn't care and recommended additional bombings. And afterwards, he had the nerve to sit around with his officers and badmouth the defense minister [Sharon] for going to war in Lebanon - and for bombing Beirut."[1]

He served as Head of the Planning Branch of the IDF General Staff and headed the Israeli security committee to peace negotiations with the Jordanians, Palestinians, and Syrians. He later served as head of the Central Command and as Deputy Chief of the General Staff.[3]

National Security Advisor

He also served as Chairman of Israel's National Security Council and was the National Security Adviser to the Prime Minister.[4]

Uri Dan claimed of this period:

When Ariel Sharon was elected prime minister, he inherited Uzi Dayan in the position of national security adviser from his predecessor Ehud Barak. Sharon treated him generously and indulgently. After all, he had known Uzi's talented and astute uncle, Moshe Dayan, very well. But Uzi Dayan was soon suspected of having leaked information to the papers, of thereby attempting to dictate policy to Sharon by means of divulging to the press the mediocre work plans prepared by the National Security Council that he headed. In any case, poetic justice was done in July 2003, when Sharon wrote to Dayan, "…Sadly, the relations of trust that might have been expected to develop given your family name did not develop between us." And he showed Uzi the door.[1]

Political Career

Dayan founded the Tafnit political movement with ran in the 2006 Knesset elections but failed to win any seats.[2]

In a September 2006 panel discussion at the International Institute for Counter-Terrorism, Dayan called for Jordan to become the Palestinian state, prompting a diplomatic rift with King Abdullah.[5]


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