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The United Learning Trust is a large multi academy trust operating schools in the UK. As of 2016 it runs 44 schools.

In 2016 it was described as one of 11 ‘system leader’ academy chains in England.[1]

It is a subsidiary of the United Church Schools Trust, which also operates 11 fee-paying independent schools across the UK.[2]


As well as state funding, academy schools can accept charitable donations, which normally goes towards funding initiatives and activities for pupils.

United Learning trust recieved a donation of £5million from Alan Howard, the co-founder of one of the world’s richest hedge funds. Howard is also a former director of the Conservative Friends of Israel and lives in Geneva. The donation is held in the United Learning Partnership Fund, which donated £2.2 million to United Learning in 2015.[3]



As of 2016:[4]

Trustees / directors

As of 2016:


As of 2016:

  • United Church Schools Trust
  • K Poyser

Linked organisations

  • ULT Projects Ltd
  • ULT Trading Ltd
  • Regis Community Arena Ltd
  • United Church Schools Trust
  • United Church Schools Foundation



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