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According to JCR-UK[1]:

The Union of Orthodox Hebrew Congregations (UOHC) is an umbrella organisation of Haredi (Ultra-Orthodox) Jewish congregations, primarly in London. It was founded by the late Rabbi Dr. Victor Schonfeld in 1926 with the stated mission "to protect traditional Judaism" and has an affiliation of nearly 90 synagogues, as well as a number of educational institutions, which, while retaining their independence, accept the authority of the rabbinate of the UOHC.
Membership of UOHC and other congregations of a similar ethos (which collectively the Board of Deputies refers to as "Strictly Orthodox") constituted some 13.5% of total synagogue membership in the United Kingdom in 2016, membership numbers having increased by a massive 139% over the preceding six years.[2] The synagogues or bethei hamedresh of these congregations, situated mainly in London and Manchester, are much smaller, on average, than those of other strands of Judaism, having an average only 63 members per congregation. The number of such synagogues constitute some 37.4% of all British synagogues, being nearly three time the synagogue membership percentage.[2]



Trustees of the UOHC
Name Role Date Of Appointment Other Trusteeships
Jehudah Baumgarten Trustee 22 July 2020 British Friends Of The Rabbi Meir Baal Haness Charity (Kollel Shomrei Hachomos) | UOHC Foundation | Keren Yesomim | Resolve Now | Clapton Common Boys Club | The Talmud Torah Machzikei Hadass Trust | Nachlath Sholomo Ltd | UOHC Foundation Ltd | Chinuch UK Limited | Cosmon (Belz) Limited
Chaim Pinter Trustee 22 July 2020 Be'er Miriam Trust | Yesodey Hatorah Trust
Robert Grussgott Trustee 21 November 2019 The Eliezer Foundation | Borbat Limited | Bikur Cholim Limited | The Zeire Agudath Israel General Charitable Trust | Britefield Trust | Agudas Israel Organisation Of Great Britain | A T.I.M.E. Limited | Agudas Israel Community Services
Shalom Seidenfeld Trustee 21 November 2019 United Talmudical Associates Ltd | Friends Of Yeshiva Luzern | Luzern Yeshiva Talmudical College | Y G S Yeshiva Gedola Seminar | Palmcourt Limited
Schloime Rand Trustee 21 November 2019 Ranbell Ltd | Cosmon (Belz) Limited | Clapton Common Boys Club | Belz Foundation Ltd | Alglen Limited | Bourneheights Limited
Abraham Schreiber Trustee 21 November 2019 Ringtrop Limited | Kids Konnect Ltd. | Tiferet Torah | Friends Of Chosen Yeshias
Benjamin Stern Trustee 21 November 2019 Yad Shlomo Trust | Hatzola Trust Limited | Hatzola Trust | Talmud Torah Beis Shlomo Limited | Schiffshul Ltd
Ahron Klein Trustee 21 November 2019 Moreshet Hatorah Ltd | Clapton Common Boys Club | Yedidim Association Ltd | Belz Foundation Ltd | Children Ahead Ltd
Chaim Solomon Goldman Trustee 21 November 2019 Hatzola Trust Limited | Hatzola Trust
Zalman Roth Trustee 21 November 2019 Technology Awareness Group | Vaidichka | Beis Shuloim Ltd
Nathan Benjamin Bindinger Trustee 21 November 2019 Darkei Chaim | Yesamach Levav | Kehal Charedim Trust
Mordechai Steren Trustee 21 November 2019 Viznitz Institutions Trust | Blossoms London Ltd
Ahron Rand Trustee 21 November 2019 None On Record
Michael Just Trustee 21 November 2019 None On Record
Joshua Muller Trustee 21 November 2019 None On Record
Victor Brinner Trustee 21 November 2019 None On Record
Benzion Goldstein Trustee 21 November 2019 Beis Yaakov London Seminary
Aron Goldman Trustee 21 November 2019 Talmud Torah D'chasidei Gur Limited
Daniel Joshua Ost Trustee 21 November 2019 Woodlands Green Ltd | The TMC Trust Limited
Jacob Goldman Trustee 27 January 2016 Gerer Shtiebel Synagogue | Yeshivas Lev Simcha Limited | Kupat Ezer Lenisuin Beth Yisroel | Ichud Mosdos Gur Limited | Reach Out UK
Myer Bernard Rothfeld Trustee 27 January 2016 Resolve Now
Benjamin Roth Trustee 27 January 2016 Reach Out UK
Michael Lobenstein Trustee 27 January 2016 None On Record
Moses Theo Bibelman Trustee 27 January 2016 (Trust Property Held In Connexion With) Adath Yisroel Synagogue
Benzion Schalom Eliezer Freshwater Trustee 29 August 2013 Regent Charities Limited | Service To The Aged | Sassov Beis Hamedrash | The Raphael Freshwater Memorial Association | Beth Jacob Grammar School For Girls Limited | Mayfair Charities Limited
Sydney Samuel Sinitsky Trustee 29 August 2013 UOHC Properties Ltd | Trenhill Limited | UOHC Supervision Ltd | Beis Brucha Ltd | Beis Yaakov Girls School Limited


Most of the affillated congregations are to be found in the London suburbs of Stamford Hill, Golders Green, Hendon and Edgware.[1]


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