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The GP Charitable Trust (no 260991), is a small grant-making charity set up via a trust deed dated 3rd April 1970 under the name of Gladys Minna Maud Pinto with the sum of £11,000.[1] It has been inactive since 2009. the Trust is one of a number in the Pinto family. Gladys Pinto was the sister of Dorothy de Rothschild and the mother of George Richard Pinto and Ann Catherine Marks.


The Trust is run by a firm called Kleinwort Benson Trustees Limited which also runs a number of other similar charities including the G R P Charitable Trust (no 255733), The A M Charitable Trust (no 260991), C H (1980) Charitable Trust (no 256283) The Richard Carne Trust (no 264994), The Sir Mark And Lady Turner Charitable Settlement.[2] This has the result that no trustees names appear on the Charity Commission website.


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