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The Coca Cola Company was founded in 1886 by pharmacist John Styth Pemberton in Atlanta, Georgia. The Coca-Cola Company advertisies itself as 'the world's leading manufacturer, marketer, and distributor of non-alcoholic beverage concentrates and syrups, used to produce nearly 400 brands. The Coca-Cola Company continues to be based in Atlanta and employs 49,000 people worldwide, with operations in over 200 countries'[1].


Board of Directors 2015

Senior Operations Leadership 2015

Senior Functional Leadership 2015

Alexander B. Cummings | Bernhard Goepelt | Ceree Eberly | Clyde C. Tuggle | Deryck Van Rensburg | Ed Steinike | Kathy N. Waller | Guy Wollaert | Irial Finan | Javier C. Goizueta | Lisa M. Borders | Marcos de Quinto [2]

Board of Directors

In January 2008, the Coca Cola Company report their Board of Directors as comprising[3]...

  • E Neville Isdell - Isdell is also Chairman and Chief Executive Officer for Coca Cola. He joined Coca Cola in 1966 undertaking a variety of leadership positions throughout the world before taking up his present roles in 2004. In his biography[4], Isdell is also reported to be...
'chairman of the U.S.-Russia Business Council and chairman of the board of trustees of the International Business Leaders Forum (IBLF). He is a member of the board of trustees of the United States Council for International Business and the Center for Strategic and International Studies. He is also a member of the Corporate Advisory Board of the Global Business Coalition on HIV/AIDS. Isdell serves on the board of directors of SunTrust Banks Inc. and the Commerce Club and as a trustee of Emory University. He is a lifetime trustee of Pace Academy'.
  • Ronald W Allen - Director since 1991. Allen's biography[6] reports that he also serves as Consultant and Advisory Director for Delta Air Lines Inc., were he was formerly Chairman of the Board, President and CEO between 1987 to 1997). Allen is also a Director of Aaron Rents Inc.
  • Alexis M Herman - Director since 2007, former Chairwoman of Coca-Cola's Human Resources Task Force. Herman's biography[9] reports that she is also Chair and CEO of New Ventures LLC, Chair of the Toyota Diversity Advisory Board and the Sodexho Business Advisory Board, and on the Board of Directors for Cummins Inc., Entergy Inc. and MGM Mirage. Herman's biography also describes how she previously 'served as America's 23rd Secretary of Labor and the first African American ever to lead the United States Department of Labor'.

Senior Leadership Team

In January 2008, Coca Cola's Senior Leadership Team are listed as[17]...

  • Muhtar Kent - President & CEO (he will succeed Neville Isdell as CEO on July 1st 2008) with responsibility for oversing all operations of the business, including Bottling Investments. Kent's biography[18] reports that he joined the Coca-Cola Company in Atlanta in 1978 and has held a variety of marketing and operations roles throughout his time with the company. From 1999 until his return to The Coca-Cola Company in May 2005, Kent served as President and CEO of the Efes Beverage Group (Efes is a publicly traded beverage enterprise whose Coca-Cola and beer operations extend from the Adriatic to the Pacific Ocean. They are also the majority shareholder of Turkish bottler Coca-Cola Icecek.
  • Ahmet C Bozer - President and CEO of the Eurasia Group. Bozer's biography[19] reports that he has been with Coca Cola since 1990 and served as Managing Director of Coca-Cola Bottlers of Turkey (CCBT) before taking on his current role. Bozer's previous involvements include five years with Coopers & Lybrand in various audit, consultancy and management roles.
  • Irial Finan - Executive Vice President of The Coca-Cola Company and President of Bottling Investments and Supply Chain. Finan's biography[24] reports that he joined Coca Cola in 1981 and is is also a Non-Executive Director (and Chairman of the audit committee) for eircom plc.
  • Glenn G Jordan S - President and CEO, Pacific Group. Jordan's biography[25] describes how he joined Coca Cola in 1978 and has undertaken a variety of roles including Executive Vice President for Coca-Cola Latin America and Director of Operations for the Latin America Group.
  • Geoffrey J Kelly - General Counsel and Senior Vice President. Kelly's biography[26] reports that he joined Coca Cola in 1970 and has 'held a series of positions with increasing responsibility in the Legal departments' of the Coca Cola Company and its subsidiaries.
  • Robert P Leechman - Chief Customer and Commercial Officer, Vice President. Leechman's biography[27] reports that he joined Coca Cola in 1988 and has worked in a variety of positions including the Middle East Division, General Manager for the 2000 Olympics in Australia and President of the Central Europe and Russia Division before taking up his current position in 2005. Prior to joinging Coca Cola, Leechman spent nine years with Mars Inc.
  • Thomas G Mattia - Director of Worldwide Public Affairs and Communications and Senior Vice President of The Coca-Cola Company. Mattia's biography[28] describes him as a '35-year veteran of public affairs and communications'. In his current role he is...
'responsible for leading the Company's global public affairs and communications, which include corporate communications, media relations, public policy, government relations, corporate reputation, shareowner affairs, executive and employee communications, digital communications and archives. His role also includes leadership of the Company's Public Policy and Corporate Reputation Council and the Bottler Public Affairs Advisory Board'.

Mattia also serves on the board of advisors of the Metro Atlanta Chamber of Commerce and the board of the High Museum of Art. He is a trustee of the Institute of Public Relations and serves on the committee of the PR Seminar. He is a member of the Arthur W Page Society, the International Association of Business Communicators (IABC) and the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA)

Mattia was previously Vice President for EDS, was Head of Public Affairs for the Ford Motor Company and held executive positions with GCI Jennings, Hill and Knowlton (where he supported the opening of China's first McDonald's) and IBM. Prior to this, 'Mattia managed Jimmy Carter's U.S. presidential campaign in Vermont and worked as a reporter for four U.S. newspapers, beginning his career at The Trenton Times in New Jersey'.

  • Cynthia P McCague - Director, Human Resources & Senior Vice President, The Coca-Cola Company. McCague's biography[29] reports that she joined Coca Cola in 1982 and took up her current roles in 2004. Her biography adds that 'prior to joining the Company, Cynthia spent seven years working in manufacturing and local government' but information of who she worked for or what form her roles took are not included.
  • Dominique Reiniche - President, European Union Group. Reiniche's biography[30] reports that she 'has spent 13 years with Coca-Cola in France and Europe, holding various marketing, sales and general management positions'. She sits on the Board of ECR Europe and the Board of CIAA (Confederation of the Food and Drink Industries of the EU). Reiniche's previous involvements include working as Director of Marketing and Strategy with Kraft Jacobs-Suchard and eight years service with Procter & Gamble. She also served as President of UNESDA (European Non-Alcoholic Beverage Industry) between 2005 to 2007, 'during which she led the industry to liaise more with the EU authorities, to communicate more broadly the choice of drinks it offers, and to adopt a self-regulatory code'.
  • José Octavio Reyes - President, Latin America Group. Reyes's biography[31] reports that he joined Coca Cola in 1980 and took on his current role in 2002.

Operating Group Leadership

In January 2008, Operating Group Leadership personnel are listed as[34]...

Africa Group - Alexander B Cummings Jr. East and Central Africa Business Unit: Nathan Kalumbu Nigeria Business Unit: Cem Kumral North and West Africa Business Unit: Curtis A Ferguson South Africa Business Unit: William Egbe (Bill)

Eurasia Group - Ahmet C Bozer Adriatic & Balkans Business Unit: Nikos Coumettis India Business Unit: Atul Singh Middle East Business Unit: Rafik El Toukhi Russia, Ukraine & Belarus Business Unit: Clyde C Tuggle Southern Eurasia Business Unit: Selcuk Erden Turkey Business Unit: Ahmet Burak

European Union Group - Dominique Reiniche Central & Southern Europe Business Unit: Michael Holm Johansen Germany Business Unit: Beatrice Guillaume-Grabisch Iberian Business Unit: Marcos de Quinto Northwest Europe & Nordics Business Unit: Michael A Clarke

Latin America Group - José Octavio Reyes Brazil Business Unit: Brian J Smith Latin Center Business Unit: Xiemar Zarazúa Mexico Business Unit: James R Quincey South Latin Business Unit: Francisco Crespo Benítez

North America Group - J Alexander M Douglas Jr. Canada Business Unit: Vincent R Timpano, Melody Justice

Pacific Group - Glenn G Jordan S and Paul K Etchells China Business Unit: Steve K W Chan and Douglas Jackson Japan Business Unit: Masahiko Uotani and Dan Sayre Philippines Business Unit: Alexander P M von Behr and Kandy Anand Southeast & West Asia Business Unit: Manuel Arroyo

Corporate Functional Leadership

In January 2008, Corporate Functional Leadership personnel are listed as[35]...

Subsidiaries & Alliances

According to[37], Coca Cola created The Beverage Institute for Health and Wellness in 2004, 'a research institute created by the company with the goal of countering criticism about their role of soft drinks in the obesity epidemic'. They are also reported to be a member of the advisory group of Green Business Network and to have donated 1 million USA dollars to the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry in 2003. In 2007, Coca Cola is reported to have donated $20 million to nature conservation association WWF in a partnership agreement.

Refreshments in order to expand both companies’ position in the ready-to-drink tea category. In 2001, the joint venture was renamed Beverage Partners Worldwide[38]

Public Relations and Lobbying

In January 2008 Coca Cola is listed as a client for French PR firm I&E[39] They are also listed with Russian firm Mikhailov and Partners[40], Dutch firm Van Luyken Communicatie Adviseurs[41], Spanish firm Inforpress[42] and Scottish firms Real PR[43] and Scott Porter Research and Marketing Ltd[44].

According to[45], Coca Cola have enlisted the help of the following PR agencies...

  • Momentum, part of the Interpublic Group of Companies, 'was awarded Coke’s promotions and retail account for the summer launch of its new low calorie cola in 2004'.
  • GCI Group - 2004
  • Lexis PR, the 'UK firm charged to recover from the disastrous launch of Dasani in England' in 2004.

India Resource[46] report that Perfect Relations were hired by Coca Cola to develop a new image for the company in India.

The Polaris Institute[47] confirm GCI, Lexis PR and Perfect Relations as PR firms acting on behalf of Coca Cola and add the involvement of Cohn, Overstreet and Parrish.

Weber Shandwick are reported to have represented Coca Cola with Alex Woolfall serving as the lead person for their client[48].

In 2008, Coca Cola is listed as a member of the American Benefits Council[49], they are also listed as a client for lobbying firm Williams and Jensen[50]

Coca Cola FEMSA is listed as a client of MWW Group in 2008[51]. Coca Cola are also Members of the European Sponsorship Association


Sponsoring Israel Herzliya Conference 2008

In 2008, The Central Bottling Company Ltd, which is associated with the Coca Cola company sponsored the 8th Herzliya Conference in Israel[68].

Law Firms

In 2005, the India Resource Centre report that law firm Daniel & Gladys who represented the Hindustan Coca-Cola Beverages Private Limited (a subsidiary of the Atlanta based Coca-Cola company) threatened a law suit against Mr. Sharad Haksar (an Indian Photographer) for displaying a billboard depicting coca cola and empty water pumps (Coca cola stands accused of causing water shortages in India).

The Polaris Institute list the following as acting on behalf of Coca Cola [69]...

Lobbying firms

Former lobbying firms


Coca Cola has been a donor to the Science Media Centre since 2010. [71]


Powerbase Coca Cola, CSR and Human Rights


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