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European Sponsorship Association

The European Sponsorship Association(ESA) represents the sponsorship industry across Europe. As a membership association it aims to seek and advance the position of its members who come from a variety of sectors including sponsors, consultants, rights holders, suppliers and professional advisors. The association lobbies on behalf of its members and provides training events which aim to raise industry wide standards [1]


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Some of ESA's corporate members:


The Board of ESA



Members of the European Alcohol and Health Forum


The ESA has published a series of 'white papers' concerning their position on issues relevant to their members, these include:

  • 30 March 2007 - ESA responds to the Gambling Commission consultation
  • 11 Sept 2006 - Policy statement on sponsorship by alcohol brands
  • October 2005 - Ambush Marketing Policy
  • 24 September 2004 - Response to Ofcom's paper dated 14 July 2004 entitled 'Consultation on the proposed Broadcasting Code'
  • January 2004 - Response to Ofcom's consultation paper entitled "The Future Regulation of Broadcast Advertising" dated October 2003
  • 17 October 2003 - Comments on a Directive proposed by the European Commission on 18th June 2003 concerning unfair business-to-consumer commercial practices in the Internal Market ("the Directive")
  • 15 July 2003 - ICC International Code on Sponsorship
  • 8 June 2003 - Response to the European Commission regarding the Review of the "Television Without Frontiers" directive Discussion Document - May 2003
  • February 2003 - Response to the European Commission Commercial Communications Expert Group regarding the Opinion Papers on Sponsorship - February 2003



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