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Swedish Officials Investigating Nobel Prize Board [1]

  • 'The Nobel Prize Committee is facing criminal investigation of bribery and corruption after allegedly taking huge payments from a pharmaceutical company that directly benefits from the work of 2008’s Nobel Prize winner in medicine.' [2]
  • The allegation was initially reported in the European trade press and absent from Sweden's major daily newspapers.
  • According to Swedish trade journal Dagens Medicin, two Nobel-affiliated corporations - Nobel Media and Nobel Webb - are accused of taking 'many millions' of dollars from Swedish-American pharmaceutical giant AstraZeneca.
  • Two Swedish academics on the committee have close ties to AstraZeneca – one sits on the company's board of directors, while the other was a former consultant to then pharmaceutical company.
  • 'The discovery could be a financial bonanza for AstraZeneca, which holds the patents on ingredients in the vaccines used to fight the viruses.' [3]
  • The pharmaceutical giant denies any wrongdoing.
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