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Trojan horse report

Add Oborne

"For that reason I cannot recommend strongly enough Countering Extremism in British Schools? The Truth about the Birmingham Trojan Horse Affair, the recently published book by sociologists John Holmwood and Therese O'Toole. It is an assiduous, impeccably researched account of the events that took place in Birmingham. It makes utterly devastating reading.

And it is profoundly troubling in light of the official significance of the case. Holmwood and O'Toole dismantle Peter Clarke's report.

They show that Clarke's findings were based on a fundamental misunderstanding of the law concerning religion in British schools.

There is no such thing as a secular school in England. By providing opportunities for their almost all-Muslim pupils to practice their religion, the schools were merely performing their legal obligation.

Holmwood and O'Toole note Clarke's failure to mention that the school at the centre of his accusations, Park View - now renamed Rockwood Academy - did not take over and influence other schools because of an Islamist conspiracy. It did so but because the Department for Education itself had suggested it did!"