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Info from MTG page that needs to be integrated into either new or existing profiles

Barbara Harpham

Chair of MTG:

Other job: National Director of Heart Research UK [1]

Info about the Heart Research UK: Heart Research UK was founded in 1967. At this time, cardiac surgery carried serious risks and patients were dying unnecessarily because of the lack of research in heart disease, especially surgical techniques. Today, Heart Research UK is a visionary charity that leads the way funding groundbreaking, innovative medical research projects at the cutting edge of science into the prevention, treatment and cure of heart disease. [2]

Further information about Barbara Harpham: Barbara was, until May 2007, a local councillor, former Cabinet member and Group Leader on Redcar and Cleveland Council. [3]

Heart Research UK, Contact info:

Tel: 0113 234 7474


Heart Research UKs homepage:

Richard Phillips

Position of MTG: Vice-Chair

Other jobs: Gov.&Ind. Affairs Manager of Medtronic, and Director of IMSTA [4]

Info about Medtronic: Medtronic was founded in 1949 in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA. They claim that they are now the global leader in medical technology, alleviating pain, restoring health and extending life for millions of people around the world [5]

Info about IMSTA: IMSTA is the abbreviation for The Irish Medical and Surgical Trade Association, and was established in 1982 to represent the Medical Technology supply industry in Ireland. There goals is: “To improve patient outcomes by promoting better access to optimal medical technologies, to promote the value of the medical device supply industry, to foster an appropriate regulatory environment, and to promote a competitive marketplace. [6]

Further information about Richard Phillips: Richard comes from Blackpool, Lancashire in England, and read a first degree in Sports Science at Brighton Polytechnic before entering the industry as a pharmaceutical representative with pharmaceutical company, Glaxo. “He has been with Medtronic since 1997 and holds postgraduate qualifications in Health Economics for the Universities of Aberdeen and Keele from where he also received an MBA in 2003. As well as IMSTA, Richard is active in the work of the Association of British Healthcare Industries, Eucomed and Advamed. Early in 2008, Richard spent 3 months living and working in Washington DC in Medtronic's Government Affairs Office. He currently serves as the Chair of ABHI's Parliamentary working group and as a member of the Technology Appraisal Advisory Committee of the UK National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence. Away from work, Richard's major passion is the Cornish Pirates rugby team, for whom he sponsored a player for each of the last three seasons.” Richard and his wife, Luan, live in North Birmingham and West Cornwall, and got their first child in April 2009. [7]

Richard Phillips, Contact info:

Work tel: +44 (1)92 320 5128


Medtronics homepage:

IMSTAs homepage:

Sandra Lawrence

Position of MTG: Treasurer

Other job: Public Affairs and Health Policy Manager at Stryker UK. [8]

Info about Stryker UK: Stryker was founded in 1941. [9] “Stryker Corporation is a leader in the worldwide orthopaedic market and is one of the world’s largest medical device companies. Stryker delivers results through a wide range of capabilities including joint replacements, trauma, spine and micro implant systems, orthobiologics, powered surgical instruments, surgical navigation systems, endoscopic products as well as patient handling and emergency medical equipment”. [10]

Further information about Sandra Lawrence: Sandra lives in Guildford, UK, and used to work as Group Marketing Manager at Stryker. She also represent “Stryker on ABHI Council and other working groups to include:
Public Affairs & Policy Working Group
Health Technology Assessment Group
Orthopaedics Working Group
Spine Working Group
Surgical Instruments Working Group
E-Business & Supply Chain Working Group
PbR Working Group
Procurement Policy Working Group.
Ensure information fed into senior members of organisation on changes in the NHS environment and government policy that may influence Strykers business, and advise on actions of change to meet the business needs”. [11]

Stryker UK, Contact info:

Tel: +44 (0) 1635 262 400

E-mail: Unknown, but its possible to contact Stryker UK through their homepage

Stryker’s homepage:

John Davis

Position of MTG: A part of the management committee

Other job: Founder of INPUT

Info about INPUT: John Davis became the founder of INPUT in 1998. INPUT is an independent, not-for-profit organisation run by insulin pump users and their families to raise awareness of diabetes technology, including insulin pump therapy, in the UK. [12] INPUT writes on their homepage that they serve “as a clearinghouse for information on insulin pump therapy and an advocacy group for consistent funding for insulin pump therapy across the UK. NHS Primary Care Trusts must comply with NICE Technology Appraisals, but inadequate governmental supervision of their implementation and little support from the Department of Health to establish best practices have made the NICE guidance on insulin pump therapy very difficult to enforce. INPUT works with Diabetes UK, the JDRF, the Department of Health, members of Parliament, the diabetes care industry, consultant diabetologists, diabetes specialist nurses, general practitioners, and the Insulin Pump Association to bring about full adoption of the NICE guidance on insulin pump therapy”. [13]

Further information about John Davis: John is a pump user himself since 1997. [14]. He has type 1 diabetes and is not a medical professional. [15]

INPUT and John Davis, Contact info:

INPUTs tel: 0800 228 9977

INPUTs e-mail:

John Davis’s e-mail:

INPUTs homepage:

Joe Gatewood

Position of MTG: A part of the management committee

Other job: Vice President, Global Strategy & Analysis
of AdvaMed

Info about AdvaMed: AdvaMed is the abbreviation for Advanced Medical Technology Association. Their headquarters is in 701 Pennsylvania Ave, N.W. Suite 800
Washington, D.C. 20004-2654 [16] (For more information about AdvaMed, see separate paragraph above).

Further information about Joe Gatewood: Joseph (Joe) has previously worked as Attorney at Broadcasting Board of Governors, Associate, Health Care Practice at Arent Fox, Senior Counsel at HHS Office of Inspector General, Attorney at Department of Health and Human Services, Departmental Appeals Board. He is educated at the American University, Washington College of Law, University of Maryland College Park. [17]

AdvaMed, Contact info:

Tel: 202-783-8700


AdvaMeds homepage:

Nathalie Verin

Position of MTG: A part of the management committee

Other job: Health Economics Manager Boston Scientific UK & Ireland

Info about Boston Scientific: Boston Scientific has offered medical innovations for more than 30 years, they have more than 25 000 employees and is one of the world's largest medical device companies dedicated to less-invasive medicine. They have 17 manufacturing facilities worldwide and more than 13 000 products. In 2009 they invested $1bn in research and development. [18]

Further information about Nathalie Verin: Nathalie has worked in the field of health economics for the medical devices industry over the last six years. She is “a graduate of an MSc in International Health Policy from the London School of Economics, she has worked both as a member of the European Health Economics team as well as the UK Public Affairs/Health Economics team of Boston Scientific. Her experience includes designing health economics models to support technology assessments of medical devices, and improve funding of minimally-invasive technologies. Her role in the UK includes the coordination of company responses to all NICE reviews and expert knowledge of Payment by Results (PbR). She has a particular interest in reimbursement and is currently the Chair of the Industry Group on PbR”. [19]

Boston Scientific, Contact info:

Tel: 01442 411600

E-mail: Unknown, but its possible to contact Boston Scientific through their homepage

Boston Scientifics homepage:

Kieran Murphy

Position of MTG: A part of the management committee

Other job: Director of Health Economics & Reimbursement UK at Johnson & Johnson Info about the other workplace: Johnson & Johnsons main office is in New Brunswick, New Jersey 08933. [20] The three Johnson brothers, Robert Wood Johnson, James Wood Johnson and Edward Mead Johnson, founded it in 1886 in New Brunswick, New Jersey, U.S. [21] Today, they have more than 250 operating companies in 60 countries employing approximately 114 000 people. They claim that they embrace research and science, bringing innovative ideas, products and services to advance the health and well-being of people [22]

Further information about Kieran Murphy: Kieran used to work as Health Economics & Reimbursement Manager UK at Johnson & Johnson. Before that he worked as Health Economics & Market Access Manager at Medtronic, and before that as Research Associate at National Horizon Scanning Centre. He is educated at The University of Birmingham and lives in London, UK. [23]

Johnson & Johnson, Contact info:

Tel: (732) 524-0400

E-mail: Unknown, but its possible to contact Johnson & Johnson through their homepage.

Johnson & Johnsons homepage:

Joanna Fearnley

Position of MTG: A part of the management committee

Other job: Projects and Campaigns Co-ordinator at Arrhythmia Alliance

Info about the Arrhythmia Alliance: Arrhythmia Alliance is in Oxford, United Kingdom, and it is a nonprofit organization management. [24] Arrhythmia Alliance writes that they are “a UK registered charity promoting better understanding, diagnosis, treatment and quality of life for individuals with cardiac arrhythmias”. [25]

Further information about Joanna Fearnley: Joanna joined the Arrhythmia Alliance in September 2008 as the Projects and Campaigns Co-ordinator. She said that most of her “time is spent planning the annual Arrhythmia Awareness Week in June. Each year the plan is to make the event bigger and better”. [26]

Arrhythmia Alliance, Contact info:

Tel: +44 (0) 1789450787


Arrhythmia Alliances homepage:

MTG includes individual medical technology companies as well as trade associations. Here are three, a bit deeper, examples of members of MTG: Association of British Healthcare Industries, AdvaMed, Eucomed as well as individual medical technology companies.

The Association of British Healthcare Industries

The Association of British Healthcare Industries (ABHI) is the industry association for the medical technology sector in the UK. They represent companies whose output makes up for around eighty five percent of the industry’s total. ABHI was formed 20 years ago to address Industry’s need to engage with the fast moving regulatory landscape and to support UK companies export their products around the world. ABHI has teams focusing on: UK market affairs; research & innovation; international policy; communications and public affairs; technical and regulatory issues; environmental issues; and events and exhibitions. They state that their membership includes some of the leading multinational businesses in the sector in the UK right the way through to small and medium sized enterprises. ABHI aim is to promote the rapid adoption of medical technologies to ensure optimum patient outcomes throughout the UK and in key global markets. ABHI membership is open to manufacturers as well as service companies involved in the health sector, such as distributors, professional groups and lawyers. [27]


Advanced Medical Technology Association (AdvaMed) is the owner of The Medical Technology Group, logo with slogan (Improving patient access to medical technology). [28] AdvaMed lobby politicians in support of legislation that will lead to faster approval of new medical technologies. They want to reduce the regulatory burden, and therefore the cost, of introducing new medical technologies into the market. AdvaMed state that they represents the interests of companies that make medical devices and diagnostic equipment. [29]


Eucomed represents 4500 designers, manufacturers and suppliers of medical technology used in the diagnosis, prevention, treatment and amelioration of disease and disability. Their members include national trade and pan-European product associations and internationally active manufacturers of all types of medical technology. Their mission is to “improve patient and clinician access to modern, innovative and reliable medical technology”. [30]

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