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Johnson makes the claim (re the Human Security Report) that capitalism is good for us and that this report provides the proof. haven't had time to look at the report fully, but it might well be that this an is assumption on his part (ie is it explicitly stated in the report). Might be an idea to have a look and draw this out if it's the case.

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This page comes up as no longer available (couldn't find it in archives either)…

Traders and analysts alike were left speechless as Ofcom, the 'regulator' of the media, hailed the entrepreneur's "passion for public service broadcasting". Cite error: Closing </ref> missing for <ref> tag

This bit needs a ref too…

Johnson is thought to have fallen out with his former executives at PizzaExpress including Hugh Osmond, his friend from university and the two goad and taunt each other to this day.[1]

Removed this from the mysticism bit as it seemed out of context…

"Frequently valuations and price movements have been impossible to justify on any sane basis.... As John Maynard Keynes once remarked: "Money is one of those semi-criminal, semi-pathological properties which one hands over with a shudder to the specialists in mental disease."

I’ve moved this bit for now, it kind of stood out alone. Also, if we’re including one example of his shares, should we be including others as well?...

Ultimately people like Johnson are watched for what they do rather than what they say — such as when he picked up 750,000 shares in insurance group LIMIT which has been the subject of take-over speculation. [2]

This piece doesn’t appear to be substantiated from the reference (looks like further research is required)…

How did Mack provide such a statistical wonder? Easy: that which is conveniently designated as 'international terrorism' has been ruled out of the equation. [3] The problems in untangling Afghanistan in the 80s and the trail of US support of the Mujahideen which led to Al-Qaeda can just be ignored. The Human Security Report smacks of propaganda.

Removed this bit from section re speaker at the Burgess group, as it is acknowledged in the article that he wrote the foreword (doesn’t imply he wrote the whole book)

here Johnson was billed as the writer of ‘the acclaimed TaxPayers’ Alliance publication, The Bumper Book of Government Waste’, although he merely contributed the introduction.

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Young Johnson's view on his disgraced former employer is that he was "not nearly as wicked as some people like to portray him." [4]

This piece needs tidied up and referenced properly…

His first job — a spell at TV-AM as an assistant to his old pal Jonathan (CIA errand-boy) Aitken [5].

This piece needs sourced (involvement with Sunday Business already included in article

There was also a brief period as the proprietor of Sunday Business [6], the perennially struggling newspaper. Journalists who worked there remembered his, once again, brusque manner.[7] Months after he arrived, the newspaper was sold again.

source needed for this bit…refs quoted unavailable/problematic

Old Paul Johnson was a member of the Committee for a Free World which was thought to be an offshoot of the Congress for Cultural Freedom and its British membership was "as hoary a catalogue of reactionaries as you could wish not to meet".[8]:

"There is Sir James Goldsmith, Professor Julius Gould (author of the two ISC reports on the 'Marxist infiltration of higher education'), Paul Johnson (Thatcher-loving former editor of the 'New Statesman'), Richard Hoggart (recently deposed as chairman of that magazine), Robert Moss (the CIA's Man in the Media, fanatical anti-communist columnist in the 'Daily Telegraph' and Goldsmith's "Now" contributor to Forum World Features and the ISC, and council member of the Freedom Association, (formerly of course the NAFF) and his media colleague Peregrine Worsthorne. Rubbing shoulders with this lot are ...Stephen Haseler, SDA co-founder and co-expellee from the Labour Party Douglas Eden, renegade Labour MPs Mike Thomas and Neville Sandelson, and, of course, without whom no such list can be complete, Frank Chapple." [9]

And the US version was chaired by the young Donald H. Rumsfeld. [10] this source is problematic…alternative source probably required

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