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  • Sustainable Business Strategy:
Our current work includes advising four global brands from a range of sectors, all of whom are already recognised for their leadership in sustainability. What they have in common is that they now wish their programmes to deliver greater commercial advantage as well as create a platform for more powerful stakeholder engagement.
“In the arena of corporate responsibility and sustainability, all organisations are on a journey – for the most part, a journey without a clear roadmap. This presents both challenges and opportunities. Organisations who lead in this field are finding that a robust strategy provides a powerful lever for defending and promoting the company’s reputation, for engaging stakeholders and for delivering real commercial advantage”.
  • Reputation Management:
We are advising one of the UK’s largest and most important industry sectors on a campaign strategy to increase awareness and understanding for their contribution to the British economy among policy makers and key opinion formers.
“In a transparent world, acting with integrity and telling the truth matters most if companies are to maintain their reputation. Behaving as an engaged, respectful and responsible corporate citizen is also essential. Yet even the best of companies have to battle hard to tell their story and be heard, understood and believed in a public discourse dominated by opposing, sometimes shrill and sometimes misinformed voices.”
  • Public Advocacy:
We are advising a major government department on the creation of a complex and sensitive public advocacy campaign. We are also advising an international public figure on a strategy to articulate and promote the case for a new regional economic strategy.
“From radicalisation to energy security, from improving public health to climate change, international governments today must confront complex policy challenges and seek to deliver the public good against the background of diminishing resources and increasing public demand. To do so requires them to describe with clarity their motives, actions and effects and, in so doing, sometimes to move citizen attitude and behaviour.”