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The Sustainable Development Commission (SDC) is the UK government's "independent" watch dog on sustainable development. SDC aims to provide analysis and advice on contentious environmental, social and economic issues.

Their role involves advising Ministers, policy-makers and stakeholders across Government; they respond to government policy initiatives; invite debates about controversial issues and act as "watch dog" in appraising governmental progress on sustainable development.

Appearance as "experts" in UK media

  • BBC Newsnight, 7 November 2007, first section of the program on the impact and prospect of oil price rises. Basically Jonathon Porritt was in agreement with Irwin Stelzer, a neocon economist, who also appeared on the program. Both prefer market-driven solutions.


Jonathon Porritt CBE (Chair) Jan Bebbington (Vice Chair, Scotland) Bernard Bulkin
Lindsey Colbourne Anna Coote Peter Davies (Vice Chair, Wales)
Stewart Davies Ann Finlayson Tess Gill
John Gilliland (Vice Chair, Northern Ireland) Tim Jackson Alan Knight
Tim Lang Tim O'Riordan Alice Owen
Anne Power Hugh Raven Waheed Saleem
Rebecca Willis (Vice Chair)   


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