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Stephen Jeffery Roth (19 November 1915 - 27 July 1995) was a lawyer and a leading Jewish figure in Britain.

After the Second World War he founded the Hungarian section of the World Jewish Congress and became its first director. He represented Hungarian Jewry in the Jewish delegations to the Paris Peace Conference in 1946. There he met the WJC leaders, Stephen Wise and Nahum Goldman, who invited him to join the WJC European office in London. He accepted and became general secretary of the WJC British Section and executive director of the European Jewish Congress.[1]

He headed the Institute of Jewish Affairs in London from 1966-88 and also held high offices in international and British Zionist organisations including the World Jewish Congress, the Board of Deputies of British Jews and the Zionist Federation of Great Britain and Ireland.[2]

The Stephen Roth Institute at Tel Aviv University is named after him.


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