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The Sri Lankan Development Trust is an organisation which funded several trips to Sri Lanka by former Defence Secretary Liam Fox in 2009. According to the relevant entries in the Register of Members's Interests for 2009 it was based at 40 George Street London W1U 7DW.[1] According to the entry for 2010, the trust's address had moved to 50 Lothian Road, Festival Square, Edinburgh EH3 9WJ.[2]

In October 2011, the Guardian reported that the 50 Lothian Road address was: "a substantial granite and glass-fronted office block where a number of firms including the HQ of the Scottish oil exploration firm Cairn Energy and corporate offices for Clydesdale Bank are based. When the Guardian visited the building there was no sign of any physical presence of the organisation. Two legal firms also based in the building are not believed to be connected."[3]

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