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Whitehead (far right) on the panel at a conference discussing 'US Shale Gas Revolution and its Implications' with Prof. Alan Riley (The City Law School), Atle Rettedal (Statoil), Benjamín Palomo-Sanz (Repsol), Ford Nicholson (Kepis & Pobe) and Michael O'Dwyer (Morgan Stanley).

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Simon Whitehead is the managing director of energy at lobbying firm Hill and Knowlton Strategies.

He previously worked for College Hill.

Views on shale gas in the UK

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Whitehead was a speaker at the Shale Gas UK conference in October 2013, where he was forthright about what he felt had gone wrong with frackers' pitch to the public:

There needs to be an industry-wide, offensive campaign with a fresh new narrative giving more of a brand feel to shale gas developments. Fracking needs a re-brand, perhaps with a ‘kitemark’ for safe developers.”
Cuadrilla has over-egged the issue. Their claims about gas in place against recoverable reserves are still confused and people don’t really know the answer.”


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