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Simon Webley (born 10 August 1932) has been the Research Director of the Institute for Business Ethics since 1998 and from 1969-98, he was director of the British-North American Research Association and UK director of the British-North America Committee. He is a trustee of the conservative Institute for Policy Research which is a vehicle for funding Conservative movement think tanks.

Webley studies economics and political science at Trinity College, Dublin and undertook National Service in the RAF. He then joined Reed International (now Reed Elsevier) as a research economist in 1959. Webley is a member of the IFES Finance Committee, a trustee of the Kirby Laing Institute for Christian Ethics and the Armonia (UK) Trust. He is vice chairman of the St. Peter's, Ditton PCC.[1]

Taxpayers Alliance

On the 12th May 2010 Webley (listed as from the Institute for Policy Research) attended a Taxpayers' Alliance a roundtable meeting (The Taxpayers' Alliance Roundtable) in order to discuss 'the election and its aftermath'.[2] The attendance list was a veritable who's who of the Conservative movement.


  • Making Business Ethics Work (2006)
  • Corporate Use of Codes of Ethics (2005).
  • 1993, Interfaith Declaration on International Business Ethics.


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