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Simon Clark of tobacco industry funded FOREST and formerly of the Media Monitoring Unit

Simon Clark is a right wing/libertarian activist who is the director of tobacco lobby group FOREST maintains a blog titled Taking Liberties for a libertarian organisation called The Free Society.


According to an account by a member of MENSA:

One prominent member of FCS was Simon Clark. He edited a magazine Campus from 1983 which put forward the views of the right wing of the FCS. He was also associated with the Russian émigré group NTS and later became director of the Media Monitoring Unit. The MMU was funded by right-wing business interests and searched for leftist bias in the media, particularly television. Although not a member of Mensa, Clark was appointed editor of the Mensa Magazine and continued as such until quite recently.[1]

According to Clark's own account:

Julian Lewis and I go back a long way. From 1983-85 he helped raise funds to support a national student magazine that I founded and edited. (One of our goals was to strike a blow against the closed shop system whereby undergraduates had to be members of the National Union of Students.) For five years thereafter I worked for him as director of the Media Monitoring Unit which he founded in 1985 with former Labour minister Lord Chalfont to combat unrestrained political bias on television news and current affairs.[2]

Clark is a non-smoker.[3]




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