Shell Transport and Trading: Extract from 'Written in Flames'

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This page is an extract from the pamphlet Written in Flames, published in 1987. Full reference:

I-Spy Productions Written in Flames: Naming the British Ruling Class London: Hooligan Press ISBN 1869802071. Undated, but published in 1987.

Shell is owned by the Royal Dutch Petroleum Company and by the British company Shell Transport and Trading. The Royal Dutch Shell Group, to give It Its full name, Is run by a committee of 7 managers, three of them come from Shell Transport and Trading. Shel1 takes oil and gas from the North Sea, Switzerland, the Middle East and the Sudan. It makes polystyrene and agrochemicals.

It mines coal In South Africa, Canada and Australia and runs saw mlills In New Zealand. Shell T&1's cut of the group profits was £4 bll1lon In 1985. Last year, Shell began to feel the pressure of anti-apartheid protest. Consumer boycotts, occupations In the States, arson in the Netherlands, as Shel1 were accused of breaking the oil embargo on South Africa, supplying the army and the police, as well as owning mining and refining Interests there. BP have managed to escape much of this attention, despite co-owning the South African refinery with Shell.

  • Peter Holmes Is the chair of Shel1 Transport and Trading and vice chair of the rulIng Dutch Shel1 committee. He's 55, went to Cambridge and worked for Shel1 throughout Africa.

His second in command is William Thomson (61).