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Sir Peter Holmes (died in 2002) was a former chairman of Shell who worked for the company in Dubai, Libya and Nigeria.

Chair of Shell

As chairman - he was only 52 when appointed - Holmes looked thoroughly in command in his corporate suite at the top of the Shell tower, relaxed and immaculate. But he still seemed to have come from an open-air world, detached from his more conventional colleagues, as if he had climbed up the building with crampons.[1]


When he retired in 1993, he avoided taking up orthodox company directorships, but enjoyed becoming president of the Hakluyt Foundation, a discreet new outfit that provided intelligence for big corporations.[1]

Co-opting the ANC

'helped to fund a training scheme to prepare ANC executives for government... Nelson Mandela was released from prison in 1990, and subsequently thanked him for Shell's help.'[1]


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