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Sean Barrett is a professor of Economics at Trinity College, Dublin, an advocate of privatisation of public assets and connected to Israeli/Neocon circles.


Barrett gained a doctorate from the National University of Ireland in 1973 and has been a member of the Economics Department at Trinity College since 1970. He served as a director of the Irish Tourist Board, 1984-9, and as a member of the Culliton Review of Industrial Policy (1992). He was both an advocate and analyst of airline deregulation in Ireland and the wider European market.[1]


He took part in the 2006 Herzliya Conference in Israel, being 'specially flown in from Ireland', according to Daniel Doron.[2] He spokeon 'The Miracle of Irish Economic Revival'[3] in a session on Investment to Spur Economic Growth and Reduce Poverty along with Prof. Stanley Fischer, Governor, Bank of Israel and Dr. Yacov Sheinin, CEO of Economic Models[4]


Member of the Brennan Commission on Financial Management and Control Systems in the Health Service, 2002/3 | Kenmare Economics Conference, Committee Member | Open Republic, Board member[5]



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