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Laidlaw as CEO of Centrica at a CBI Higher Education taskforce meeting, London, July 2009
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Sam Laidlaw is on the board of bank HSBC Holdings plc.

He is the former CEO of energy giant Centrica plc and the former lead non-executive board member of the UK Department for Transport.


Laidlaw is a qualified solicitor and has a Master's degree in Business Administration from INSEAD in France.[1]


Other previous roles include executive vice president of Chevron Corporation; non-executive director of Hanson PLC; chief executive officer of Enterprise Oil plc; and president and chief operating officer of Amerada Hess Corporation.

He is also a former member of the UK Prime Minister’s Business Advisory Group.[1]


Laidlaw was appointed to board of HSBC in 2008, and is currently an independent non-executive director and chair of the group remuneration committee and nomination committee.[1]

Following a major reshuffle in March 2015, Laidlaw was appointed chair of the group remuneration committee and nomination committee. Laidlaw, who received up to £5 million a year at Centrica, has previously been criticised for his lavish windfalls, will now be put in charge of setting pay levels at the bank and will receive a wage increase from £120,000 to £155,000 a year. The appointment has been criticised as reinforcing the 'cosy club' of executives who set rewards packages for each other.[2]



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