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The Salisbury Group was, according to its journal the Salisbury Review, 'a small group of old-fashioned Tories informally chaired by the Marquess of Salisbury, which had been set up in 1976, dedicated to the political vision of the Third Marquess, who had famously declared that good government consisted in doing as little as possible.'[1] According to historian Maurice Cowling, the group was founded in 1978 by Lord Salisbury and Diana Spearman. Its executive committee included at various times, T.E. Utley, Professor Richard Griffiths, Professor Roger Scruton, Professor Elie Kedourie, Sir Charles Pickthorn, Cowling himself and Richard Sykes.[2] Roger Scruton has described the group as 'a loose collection of reactionaries' who appointed him after looking 'for someone sufficiently anachronistic to serve as its editor'. [3]


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