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Right To Succeed is a UK-based social enterprise aimed at reducing educational inequality. Not to be confused with the education reform non-profit Right To Succeed Foundation in the US.

According to Right To Succeed, it aims to achieve change by 'developing collaborative solutions to the systemic problems of educational inequality', piloting and proving that they work, and then scaling projects 'until they reach a systemic scale'.

It was incubated by the Young Foundation and Teach First, and has ties to NESTA, and Merrill Lynch, among others.


Right To Succeed’s first project is to develop a school-led approach to turning around challenged secondary schools in low-income communities. It is hoped the first phase of the project will be up and running by early 2016.[1]


Right To Succeed received a Teach First Innovation Award in 2014, along with £10,000 in prize money.

Social Impact Bond model

Under Right To Succeed's model, initial funding would be invested in three-year “social impact bonds”, which would involve social investors stumping up for projects at each of the schools. These would be linked to targets covering a range of measures, such as exam results, attendance, behaviour, destination data and student well-being. Providing the targets were hit by the end of the three years, the investment would be refunded by the commissioning body. And if the projects were unsuccessful, the loss would be borne by the investors rather than the taxpayer.

The names of the investors putting up the money is not known.[2]


'Development partners' of Right To Succeed include:





Twitter: @Right2Succeed
Address: c/o Teach First, 4 More London Riverside, SE1 2AU, London