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Richard Brindle, Source:Royal Gazette

Richard Brindle is the founder of insurance company Fidelis. He is the founder and former CEO of Lancashire, an insurance carrier, but left this position in 2014. [1]


Recorded by the Electoral Commission:

Date Name of donor Amount Donated to
26/06/2009 Richard Brindle £10,000.00 Labour Party
29/12/2009 Mr Richard Brindle £10,000.00 Liberal Democrats
31/12/2009 Richard Brindle £22,000.00 Labour Party
07/04/2010 Richard Brindle £26,867.00 Labour Party
07/04/2011 Mr Richard Brindle £100,000.00 Labour Party
30/03/2016 Richard Brindle £25,000.00 Britain Stronger in Europe



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