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Revolving Door.jpg This article is part of the Revolving Door project of Spinwatch.

Revolving Door is the term used to describe the working of government where, after leaving their positions within the government, civil servants, MPs or ministers take up jobs as lobbyists or consultants in the area of their former public service. It is a two-way system which also allows former private sector employees to accept positions in the government where they have the power to regulate the sector they once worked in.

The phenomenon of the revolving door is an indication of the problem of corporate power and a key indicator of lobbyists' power over government.


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  • BBC RADIO File on Four: The Revolving Door 26 Jul 11 Duration: 37 mins. Is there a conflict of interest when public servants take private sector jobs? Julian O'Halloran investigates the "revolving door" between government and business. Download Podcast at