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Rafi Melnick

Rafi Melnick is the Provost of the Interdisciplinary Center Herzliya based in Israel. Melnick joined The Interdisciplinary Center (IDC) in 1998 and as of 2009 he was the Dean of the Lauder School of Government. Prior to that he was professor of economics at the Arison Business School, in the past he held teaching positions at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and visiting positions at Boston University and the University of California.

Melnick served as a senior economist at the research department of the Bank of Israel; during 1991-1998 he was deputy director of research. He was also a member of the team of economists at the Bank of Israel, that designed the strategy for the absorption of the Soviet immigration in the nineties and prepared the absorption plan entitled “One Million Immigrants - An Absorption Program”.

His research interests are listed as:

business cycle analysis, the economic impact of terrorism and monetary policy in small open economies. An economic program for fiscal consolidation in Israel and the development of a national index for the civilian national strength of state of Israel", both of these research projects were discussed in the Herzliya conference in 2002 and 2003.

Melnick developed the State of the economy index for the Israeli economy; the index is published to the public, by IDC, on a monthly basis. His professional activities include economic consultant to Migdal, member of the board of directors of Psagot Ofek securities and investment Ltd. and research associate of the Center for social policy studies research in Israel[1].

Melnick was a speaker in 2004 at the Milken Institute[2].


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