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Rachael Robertson is an in house lobbyist for Diageo. She is the daughter of former NATO general secretary and Labour minister George Robertson. Robertson discussed her love of politics and her career as a lobbyist in an interview with the Sunday Mail in 2007. In the piece entitled "We Love the Power" [1] Robertson says:

How I did it: I did a politics degree at Edinburgh University, but I was never quite sure what I would use it for. I joined consultancy Fleishman-Hillard and worked in healthcare and energy. I enjoyed it because I was gaining experience in all these different areas but retaining my political links. After a couple of years, I moved to the London office and started lobbying Westminster. I did consultancy work for Diageo and they eventually poached me.
Lobbyists come in for criticism but we are a legitimate part of the political process and help politicians understand the issues better.I would always walk away from something I wasn't happy with.
Perks: I live and breathe politics so to do that while working for a large company is great.
Five-year plan: I'm content where I am and lucky to be a lobbyist for a FTSE 100 company with iconic brands.
Tips: You need to be tenacious, to fight your corner and you definitely need thick skin.[2]



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