Program of Atlantic Security Studies

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The Program of Atlantic Security Studies (PASS) is a neoconservative think tank established in 2003 by the Prague Security Studies Institute (PSSI) to serve as its public policy arm.

Board of Directors

Antonin Berdych | Oldrich Cerny | Petr Mares | Jiri Schneider | Lubos Vesely | Alexandr Vondra | Michael Zantovsky


The PASS website describes its activities as the following:

  • The first area of activity focuses on general perspectives of the Atlantic bond itself. Current Euro-American issues and the future of NATO and the future of common European Security and Defense Policy are analyzed aiming at complementary and synergic solutions that would strengthen the transatlantic bond.
  • In the second area, the comprehensive approach is applied to the analysis of the security environment and to the specific threats and methods of dealing with them, be it counter-terrorism, fighting organized crime, intelligence sharing or migration policies.
  • The third pillar of the program is dedicated to other factors that hinder Atlantic cooperation: violations of the rule of law, protectionism and lack of transparency; therefore, our efforts are geared towards anti-corruption measures, as well as knowledge based and competitive strategies, driven by initiatives of civil society.[1]