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The Philos Project is a Christian Zionist organisation based in New York. On its website it provides the following description of its mission:

The Philos Project seeks to promote positive Christian engagement in the Middle East by
  • Proclaiming friendship with those in the region who support liberty and justice for all peoples,
  • Reviving an intellectually rigorous Christian approach to foreign policy, especially as it relates to the Middle East;
  • Educating Christians on the theological, historical, and political issues surrounding Israel and the Jewish people; and
  • Empowering the church to advocate for real peace in tangible ways.[1]

Several staff and board members of the project are also members of the Institute on Religion and Democracy.

Finances and Funding

The Paul E. Singer Foundation is a 'core funder' of the Philos Project.[2] Dan Senor, one of the directors of the Philos Project is also a director of the Paul E. Singer Foundation.


Board of Directors circa May 2015

Richard Land | Mark Tooley | Dan Senor


Robert Nicholson (Executive Director) | Luke Moon (Deputy Director) | Jesse Rojo (Constituent Relations Director) | Jessica Owen Payne (Media Director) | Nicole Manalo (Office Manager) | Juliana Taimoorazy (Philos Fellow) | Lela Gilbert (Lead Blog Contributor)

Contributing Writers

Andrew Harrod | Dexter Van Zile | Dr. Earl Tilford | Dr. Gerald McDermott | Dr. Richard Land | Erin Rodewald | Faith J. H. McDonnell | Jesse Rojo | Jessie Owen Payne | Jim Fletcher | Joseph Weissman | Joyclynn Potter | Juliana Taimoorazy | Lela Gilbert | Luke Moon | Mark Tooley | Michael Hamilton | Nicole Manalo | Nilsa Alvarez | Robert Nicholson | Steven Ilchishin | Thomas Reed | William Marshall | Zubair Simonson


Address circa May 2015:

79 Madison Ave,
Seventh Floor
New York,
NY 10016


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