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Lord Peter Imbert is a former Met commissioner. He was Chairman of Capital Eye Ltd, a security consultancy now wholly owned by the Inkerman Group, for which he acts as a consultant. The Inkerman Group reportedly monitors protesters. [1]

Imbert was raised to the peerage as Baron Imbert, of New Romney in the County of Kent 1999. [2]

Monitoring protestors

According to the Guardian, a "restricted" report produced by the Inkerman Group in 2008 warned of a growing threat of "eco-terrorism". Under a section on "recent acts of eco-terrorism", the document listed various peaceful campaign groups, including the anti-aviation collective Plane Stupid.[3] Arguably it has been this elusive threat of "eco-terrorism", sometimes tainted with the conflation between "illegal" and "violent" protest, that serves to justify the need for both the domestic extremism units and the private security firms.[4]

Transferable skills and alliances: police and private security industry

Questions have been raised regarding the ethics of "former police officers cashing in on their surveillance skills for a host of companies that target protesters".[3] See the Powerbase overview of the revolving door between the private security industry and the police.

Register of Interests

Remunerated employment, office, profession



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Imbert, Peter