Percy Barnevik

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Percy Barnevik is one of the six most central members of the Transnational Elite.[1]

Board member, General Motors (the world's biggest corporation with sales in 1995 of US$ 169 billion and 745,000 employees worldwide) and former Chairman, AstraZeneca 1997-2002, Chairman of ABB 1997-2001 and member of the Board of du Pont, USA 1991-1998. Adviser to micro-credit organisation Hand in Hand International(which operates in Afghanistan); 1999-2004: chairman, Investor (owner of Wallenberg companies); 1997-2001; president and chief executive, Asea; 1983-2002: chairman, Sandvik; 1975-79: president, Sandvik USA; 1969-74: manager, Sandvik; 1966-69: manager, Johnson Group, Stockholm



  1. According to Carroll and Carson the other five are Peter Sutherland, Minoro Murofushi, Bertrand Collomb Paul Allaire and Etienne Davignon. See William K. Carroll Colin Carson 'Forging a New Hegemony? The Role of Transnational Policy Groups in the Network and Discourses of Global Corporate Governance'Journal of World systems Research, Vol. 9 No. 1, Winter 2003.