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Patrik Schumacher is the director of Zaha Hadid Architects, a British international architecture and design firm founded by Zaha Hadid, with its main office situated in Clerkenwell, London.[1] Born in Bonn in 1961, Schumacher has worked at Zaha Hadid Architects since 1988. In relation to London's housing crisis Schumacher has advocated getting rid of regulations, privatising all public space and scrapping social housing.[2] He is seen as the founder of parametricism, having publishing a parametricism manifesto in 2008.[3] Parametricism relies on programs, algorithms, and computers to manipulate equations for design purposes.

From Marxism to Neoliberalism

In an article for The Guardian Oliver Wainwright describes Schumacher's transition from Marxism to Neoliberalism:

Like a number of fellow rightwing libertarians, he was a former Marxist who had become disillusioned. He was finally jolted out of his “mainstream political slumber” by the 2008 financial crisis, when he discovered the writings of Ludwig von Mises and Friedrich Hayek, the godfathers of neoliberalism, along with Murray Rothbard’s ideas of anarcho-capitalism.

“It’s about loosening the reins and rolling back the nanny state,” he says. “We must unleash entrepreneurial creativity and individual empowerment for greater prosperity and freedom for all.” Since his recent awakening, he has devoured a heady cocktail of writers from the Austrian school of economic thought (based on individualism and limiting state interference in the market), including Meltdown author Thomas Woods, Republican stockbroker Peter Schiff and ex-Reagan budget director David Stockman.

Wainwright also discusses Schumacher's links to the Institute of Ideas:

Schumacher’s stance might be anathema to the generally centre-left-leaning architecture world, but he is not a lone voice. He has found plenty of allies in the Institute of Ideas, a thinktank run by Claire Fox, former publisher of Living Marxism, which spawned a network of agitators who, as Guardian columnist George Monbiot puts it, have drifted from “the most distant fringes of the left to the extremities of the pro-corporate, libertarian right”.

Patrik Schumacher spoke at the Battle of Ideas in 2015[4] and 2016[5].



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