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Omar Fadhil is an Iraqi blogger with links to the neocons; he is the Middle East editor of the right-wing news aggregator Pajamas Media. Born in Baghdad (where he lived until September 2005) he studied dentistry at Baghdad University, graduating in 2002. He blogged actively for the next 3 and a half years at He gained favour in neoconservative circles by challenging the study appearing in The Lancet medical journal which showed that 655,000 Iraqis had died as a consequence of the US-UK invasion. He is currently pursuing a Master's in international affairs at Columbia University.[1]

Of Iraq the Model, a blog run by Fadhil and his brother Mohammed Fadhil, Middle East scholar Juan Cole writes that "the views of the brothers are celebrated in the right-leaning weblogging world of the US, even though opinion polling shows that their views are far out of the mainstream of Iraqi opinion....Contrast all this to the young woman computer systems analyst in Baghdad, Riverbend, who is in her views closer to the Iraqi opinion polls, especially with regard to Sunni Arabs, but who is not being feted in Washington, DC."[2]


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