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The Advisory Board supports the Office of Fair Trade[1], an independent professional organisation which plays a leading role in promoting and protecting consumer interests throughout the UK, while ensuring that businesses are fair and competitive. Comsumer and competitive legislation enables the organisation to carry out its work.

==OFT Advisory Board Members==[2]

Philip Collins, Chairman; John Fingleton, Chief Executive; Jonathan May, Executive Director; Sean Williams, Executive Director

and six non-executive members: Allan Asher; Lord Blackwell; Bronwyn Curtis; Alan Giles; Professor Frédéric Jenny; Richard Whish; and Ann Rossiter (note: not listed on the OFT website as a member yet, however, noted in her biography on the Social Market Foundation website)

Board members Ann Rossiter and Philip Collins, are part of the Social Market Foundation think tank.

The OFT takes a look at between 180-230 public mergers each year, of which 30-50 usually merit detailed consideration at case review meetings.

The OFT regularly runs campaigns designed to raise consumer awareness about issues such as scams and shoppers' rights. It investigates between 25 and 40 cases of suspected cartel activity per year, and has a "Scambusters Team" organised to take action against scams aimed at UK consumers.

The organisation aims to conduct 7 market studies per year to assess problems within a certain market. Some examples of studies conducted include: UK airports, payment protection insurance, the UK grocery market and the pharmaceutical price regulation scheme.


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