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<youtube size="tiny" align="right" caption="Noah Pollak at the World Jewish Congress conference in Jerusalem, explaining 'Hasbara'">H_-nwdKptT4</youtube> <youtube size="tiny" align="right" caption="Noah Pollak debates US-Israel diplomacy with Peter Beinart">7Uw7rvdDQ1E</youtube> Noah Pollack is a blogger and the executive director of the Emergency Committee for Israel.

Liberal Jewish blogger and writer Richard Silverstein reveals the following facts about Pollack:

Pollak is a former assistant editor of the Shalem Center’s publication, Azure. The Center is heavily funded by Las Vegas gambling tycoon, Shelly Adelson, Bibi Netanyahu’s moneyman and funder of the new Israeli daily, Yisrael HaYom (also known unflatteringly as Bibi-ton). Pollak also contributes regularly to Commentary Magazine, the true zaideh of the Jewish neocon movement.[1]

Pollack is described by friend David Frum as a gifted Israeli propagandist:

...the real news is the group's director: Noah Pollak, a friend of mine, and a brilliant advocate for rethinking Israel's self-defense in a new media era. As a blogger, he proposed that the Israeli Defense Forces launch their own YouTube channel... It's long been a thesis of mine, to adapt Clausewitz, that modern warfare is PR by other means. Pollak understands this truth (wrote his Yale thesis on it)[2]

Views on Iran

Immediately following the release of classified diplomatic cables between the US and other governments by WikiLeaks (the release was referred to as "Cablegate"), Pollak wrote on friend David Frum's FrumForum with a positive response to the event and the ramifications that he believes will result from it.[3] Writes investigative journalist Eli Clifton:

Noah Pollak, writes that this WikiLeaks release is “obliterating the Gulf-side Middle East” worldview of leftists and realists that had promoted negotiations with Iran and Syria, a withdrawal from Iraq and a policy of pressuring Israel to stop settlement construction. Pollak, attacking the “linkage” argument, blogs that Washington’s Arab allies are not alienated by the close U.S.-Israel relationship. Instead, “we now know that what’s really alienating the Arabs is America’s reluctance to use its power to confront Iran and enforce a security architecture in which Israel is America’s most capable client.”[4]





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