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Nicolai Sennels (right) being interviewed by Robert Spencer of Jihad Watch on the 'Psychology of Islam and Muslims'

Nicolai Sennels has been described as 'leader' of the Pegida Denmark[1], a group inspired by the German anti-immigration, anti-Islam PEGIDA movement.


Sennels was reportedly born in 1976 and stood unsuccessfully for parliament in Denmark with the Danish People's Party in 2011.[1]


According to researcher Linda Pershing, Sennels' statements about Islam and Muslims 'include assertions about genetic inferiority' such as an article in which he claims 'close to half of all Muslims in the world are inbred'. She also states that he is

a harsh critic of Islam in general and of Muslims' immigration to Denmark and Europe, in particular. Countering accusations that "Islamophobia" is at the heart of his beliefs, Sennels instead advocates the term "Islamonausea" instead "to describe a feeling of nausea, disgust, displeasure, discomfort or aversion that arises by itself when encountering Islam or Islamic culture, or whatever or whoever represents it."[1]

Journalist Maria Khan notes that in an article titled 'Psychology: Why Islam creates monsters' published by Jihad Watch, Sennels wrote that

The problem with Islam and Muslim culture is that there are so many psychological factors pushing its followers towards a violent attitude against non-Muslims that a general violent clash is — at least from a psychological perspective — inevitable.[2]


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